Reggie - (Eyanica Asko)
Sire: Calagran Casey
                              BVA/KC Hip Score 6.3=9
  2 CC's
                                               3 Reserve CC's
                                      Dam: Anntref Enya at Eyanica
                                                BVA/KC Hip Score 6.2=8
Here is our new  GSD, "Reggie".  He is a real darling.   We picked reggie up 04/08/02.
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Reggie meets Lilly
Tired out after his tea
Eating tea is just so tiring!!
Day 1 at home with Reggie
11PM - that's enough excitement for 1 day
Typical Shepherd, right behind you as you're trying to cook tea!
Reggie's 2nd day with us
        5th August 2002
6th August 2002
7th August 2002
Asleep again!!
Time for a quick nap again
8th August 2002
Reggie loves to play football
I think you can tell I am happy again, now I have a Shepherd in my life.  This is the best thing that has happened to us since we lost Spanna
Reggie with Amber and Holly
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First Walk (19/08/02)
4 Months
Sadly Reggie passed away 1st September 2013 aged 11 years and 3 months. RIP my beautiful boy.