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If you are in the UK and you need aminocaproic acid (EACA)  and n-acetylcysteine (NAC) you need to get a presecription for each product from your vet.  You can then take this prescription to any pharmacy. I believe that Boots may be one of the cheaper chemists. 

The products are supplied by Boots own company  BCM Specials on 0800 9521010. The products are made up to order and take around 5 days to arrive. Each bottle is 100mls and should last around 2 months.  The shelf life is 2 months and the products will need to be discarded if not used up.  The EACA is 25% solution and the NAC is 20% solution. The price for each bottle should be around £10/11.from Boots.  I spoke with a local Boots store today (06/08/04) and they advised that the prescription can be taken into any branch of Boots.

I spoke with a local Lloyds chemist today (06/08/04)  and they advised that each medication would be £17.19. It may be worth picking your pharmacy carefully.
If you are a UK vet who has dealt with any of these medications and would be willing to discuss their treatment please let us know and we will list your practice.  It would be great to be able to have a nationwide list of vets with experience in these medications.  If you know of a UK vet who fits into this category please ask them to consider joining this list. Many thanks.
If you are in the UK and have used LDN, please mail us with details of the Chemist that you used and the price you paid. Please help others with any information you may have.
If you are in the UK and need LDN you need to get a prescription from your vet and take this to any pharmacy.  You need to advise the pharmacist to contact Martindile Special Department.  0800 137627 - Customer Services/ 01708 386660 x 6621 (Formulations Department). Ask for the filler to be microcrystilline cellulose, or Avicel and not to use a time release filler.  The medication is a 3mg capsule, for details of how to administer please refer to the LDN website.

Prices will vary depending on which pharmacy you go to so it will be worth you checking a few before ordering.  I have been quoted a price of £79.20 for 30 tablets and £98 for 100 tablets + approx £7 carriage + vat.  This is the price to your local pharmacy but they will add a % to that figure for their costs. The medication can usually be with you pharmacist in 24 hrs. in no way endorses these medications, we do not supply, sell these or any other medication.  We strongly recommend that you seek professional veterinary advice before the use of any medication or treatment.

Some dog owners have reported seeing no improvement what so ever following these treatments.

Hi Karen

Just to let you know that after going from pharmacy to pharmacy and getting prices ranging from £230 to £300 (Boots and Tesco) I have found it for 100 capsules for £130 from Vet-Medic Pharmacy on 0800 387348.  This is for 100 3mg capsules with the filler Avicel (not slow release) and is from Martindile Special.  I understand the price from Martindile is about
£111(whichever pharmacy is asking for it) - unfortunately it can only be sold in 100 pack - and then Vet-Medic are only adding on a small amount to get it for their customer).  Consequently my Vet is giving me a prescription for 100 capsules and hopefully I will have the LDN by the end of this week. I have had to take Tara off her Tramadol medication to enable her to have the LDN.

I am excited to have at last got a positive supplier at a more reasonable price.

I am sure a lot of your readers of the web will be interested in where they can get it from.


Hilary and Tara  (OCTOBER 2009)