It's a tough life being a pup!
Time for a stretch but I'm just so tired
I'll just rest here a minute
Reggie eating his yoghurt
A bit messy after the yoghurt
This picture was taken especially for a friend of mine in the US, "Barry". He was teasing me about Reggie turning into a sissy lap dog if I picked him up or cuddled him too much. Barry do you think he needs a pillow! Just kidding.

Reggie has settled in really well, he sleeps a lot during the day, but when he is awake he is very mischievous, which is perfectly normal and only to be expected for a puppy of his age.  Reggie appears to have a very laid back personality and wonderful temperament.  He has clearly been very well socialised and exposed to the usual everyday comings and goings and noises of everyday life from a young age with his breeder.  Thank you Barbara for doing such a great job and for entrusting us with Reggie/Eyanica Asko.
Reggie took his first walk outside on 19th August 2002, at first he was a little unsure of the surroundings, but he soon found his paws!
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