Having recently purchased my new puppy, Reggie, I have had to look into vaccinations.  When we got Reggie he had already had his 1st puppy vaccination at 8 weeks of age with a brand known as Nobivac.  With Nobivac Reggie could now have his 2nd vaccination at 10 weeks and would be able to go out at 11 weeks. 

Not all vets use the brand Nobivac and so we had to hunt around to find a vet who used this brand.  Apparently, I am led to believe, that you can use a different brand of vaccine for the 2nd puppy vaccination but you must wait until the usual time scale of that particular brand.  

We found a vet in Cardiff who did use Nobivac and we took Reggie to this vet to have his 2nd vaccination.  Using the Nobivac system would appear to allow you to get your puppy outside socialising at  a slightly younger age than with other brands of vaccine.

For a long time many people have been aware that there are no set or standardised fees for vets.  Basically vets can charge you whatever they see fit, they set their own prices and they are perfectly within their rights to do so.
On our hunt for the vaccination we came across some very interesting findings. 

I spoke with 4 vets practices who used the Nobivac  vaccination, each practice had a different price for this vaccination ranging from £18 - £29.90.
All the practices I spoke to except one had the same pricing scale based on whether you had just 1 puppy vaccination carried out by them or had the 1st and 2nd puppy vaccinations carried out by them.  If, like myself, your puppy has already had it's first vaccination whilst still with the breeder, and therefore you only require your vet to give the 2nd puppy vaccination,  you could get over charged needlessly for this 2nd vaccination if you are not  vigillant.   We found this out after we had  Reggie vaccinated.  We were charged £29.90 inclusive of vat for the 2nd Nobivac vaccination.  This vaccination consisted of DHPPI/L.  Feeling that this price seemed a little excessive I telephoned the vets office to check the price and was informed that normally the fee would be £21 inclusive but as we had not had the 1st vaccination with them we were charged an additional fee as the vaccinations are subsidised when you are having both vaccinations carried out by them.  I found this a little odd so started phoning around other vets for their pricing structures.  Out of the 4 vets practices  that I spoke with this was the only one who changed the price for not having the 1st vaccination with them.

Whilst I fully appreciate that vets prices will differ from practice to practice, the matter of upping a price and being penalised for not having both puppy vaccinations carried out by them, I find unacceptable.

The cheapest  quoted price of £18 was from  Robin Lewis & Associates, Rhondda, Tel 01443 430944. 

Update:  We have now been offered £8 off our next bill by the vet who gave Reggie his 2nd Nobivac vaccination. We have not been back to this vet & have no intention of doing so.
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I am not a veterinarian and all the following details are from my own findings only.
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